Tuesday, December 16, 2014

German Doner Kebab in JLT (Review and Rating)

   I do not know since when the kebab is German, but I know one thing, this German Doner Kebab is really good in what they are doing. The place is located at Cluster W, Liwa Heights,

   If you want to eat a big portion, tasty kebab than this is the place, the heaven for the meat lovers. It is not a fancy place or neither not cheap, from the cue size or from the busy tables you will see customers how like this place. During the lunch time in week days you will need to wait sometimes even 30 minutes for your food, the waitress are super busy, and how they make home delivery they are more busy.

   I use to go at night, after most of the offices are empty, I say this because in that part of JLT are a lot of offices, and employe`s use to take their lunch there.

   You can sit outside near the lake or inside the restaurant, to be honest outside after the sunset in the lights of the place and moon , your dinner can be one very romantic.We ordered a doner kebab, french fries and soft drink.
Doner kebab sandwich is made from - a thin waffle loaded with tomatoes, chicken or beef (as you wish) iceberg lettuce, red cabbage, onion and a special sauce, you can serve with the option of fries or salad. It is really tasty meat and that waffle, oh even now when I am writing this post I am carving after one. I suppose this dinner without the french fries is a healthy way of dinning in our rush days, in a world what is almost full of  fast foods.

   A Doner Kebab cost 28Dirham, french fries 10Dirham and the soft drink 7Dirham, but in meal total is only 39Dirham.

   I suggest for them during the pick hours they to have more staff working and be carefully with the orders, unpleasant is when you have a cold waffle.

For my opinion they deserve a 8.0


Food taste, atmosphere, price

Sometimes the cold waffle and sorry to say this but you need to offer the same quantity from ingredients every time, sauce, onion ect.

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