Thursday, March 12, 2015

Akawi Oven JLT (Review and Rating 8.5)

   The name of the restaurant must come from the Akkawi cheese what it is named after the city of Acre, akkawi meaning "from akka", it is commonly made using of cow milk or goat milk.

   The restaurant is situated in Cluster T in JLT, Its a really small place , outside they have 4 tables and inside they have some bar seats, it is really very small inside,with most of it occupied by the kitchen so there isn`t any kind of ambiance. Also I must to admit it is very easy to miss specially if you are walking near the lake and you do not look up. But once you do find the place , you will be pleased.

   How the weather is stil playing for us, my husband and I thought to find a new restaurant to try their breakfast. We set outside to admire also the view, but I believe during pick hours you will find hard an empty table.

   You can find Arabic food for a friendly budget. There are several dishes which are served on an open bread with different spreads ranging from zaater, muhamara, Laban to cheese, meat, eggs.

   We have chosen falafel plate, manakish with cheese, little water and mint tea.

The falafel plate was huge, I couden`t eat , my husband needed to help me. From the photo you can observe how many pieces I got on my plate. It tasted very good and we get some hot, home made bread.

   My husband said that this is the best manakish what he has eaten since a long time. If I do not have lactose intolerancy sure I will taste it, after the smell I can say that I was so sorry that I could not try it.

   We paid for our breakfast 35Dirham, what is really budget friendly, water was 3Dirham, tea 6Dirham and the falafel plate 10Dirham, I must say thi is a relly budget friendly restaurant for Arabic style brekfast.
  My rating for them is 8.5.
Like food
 price, view

Not like
for the price the falafel was OK

All pictures have been taken by me. Please note that this post is not a sponsored post and the opinions and views stated here are my own and are independent. 


  1. Looks like a good budget option in that location. Great view.

    1. Thank you Sally for reading it, yes it is a budget friendly with great view and has the best manakish with zaatar.

  2. very bad service , always more than one for delivery service, if your hungry at least 1 hr you have to wait for your food, not good responding