Saturday, February 28, 2015

 Dairy free healthy ice cream (paleo)

   Since I am suffering from lactose intolerance and I have sweet tooth , I am searching for lactose free sweets what is very hard to find. This sickness has his periods of intensity, are weeks when I can drink milk or eat yogurt but are weeks when even a square of chocolate make me feel sick. 
   To be honest I did not expected much from this recipe, but I said to give a try, but my surprises was huge when I tasted, I must say it will be weekly on my table.

2 frozen banana
2 tbspoon coconut milk or rice-, almond milk (if you don`t suffer from lactose intolerance you can use cow milk)
1 tspoon unsweetened cacao powder

1. Peel the banana and freeze them. 
2. Slice them and place into blender, pour the milk and add the cacao powder into blender.
3. Blend it well, pop in mugs, decorate and eat it.

Bon appetit!



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