Friday, December 12, 2014

The Hummus House in JLT (Review and Rating)

   A few days ago we where walking with my husband around the JLT lake, when we had found a restaurant what is selling hummus and falafel. On our first day of weekend  we where planning to go there and take our Friday breakfast, to have our well deserved Arabic breakfast after a hard working week.
   My first impression was OMG what is this lovely atmosphere? Just a perfect breakfast, brunch or late Arabic dinner restaurant.

   A quit small restaurant, where you can find maybe between 15-17 seat places of very old and traditional Jordanian chairs mixed with some black and white bar chairs. When I say traditional and old than you need to think about chairs made from aluminium and cord. When you look around in the place you can see a wall painted with different traditional figures from Jordan, it represent Jordan during the 80`s seen through the eyes of a child. The well known Grendizer appear on the wall, Jordanian proverb, map and stamp, Jordanian sweets for children`s from the 80`s, the colored starting screen of TV, all are painted on the wall, it makes a big frame for a LED TV , where you can watch the restaurant foods from menu. The Jordanian music can not be missed from the place. 
Behind you you will find a wall with drawers and quotes, names or ideas from maybe their customers. I must say this is the first time when I see this type of wall here in Dubai, back in Europe we have a lot, and I believe it is a good idea for restaurants such as Hummus house.
   The waitress are very well organized , smiley and friendly, they suggest foods ask about the temperature for drinks, they know their job.
   On the menu you can find everything what Jordanians eat for breakfast, starting from hummus, falafel, eggs, baba ganoush, hummus with foul, different types of sandwiches and not for the last the turkish coffee, tea and the laban ayran.

   So now we come to the food, oh yes, just as I expected. We had ordered hummus small size, 6 falafel, Galayet Bandoora, a Pepsi and a water. Do not expect to find big shock from food when you are there, they do not have special exquisite dishes, it is a small, cosy place with good Arabic food for breakfast, what you can eat many times and you wont regret, but also this types of places you will find in many places here in Dubai.
   Let me start with the hummus, it was not fresh and  homemade.

   The falafel was served in an aluminium bowl or basket, and I must say it was a nice surprise for me, taste excellent, and about the served way it is well creative and nice.
   Galayet Bandoora is made in Jordanian style and not Palestine style, Jordanians use onion for cooking this dish.  Is made from onion and tomato in a pan over medium fire. For those who can not imagine how looks than search on network for the Hungarian "lecso" without pepper.

They made it fresh when we ordered, fresh food all the time taste and looks better than a few hours food.

   After we got the bread and salad we started to eat our Arabic breakfast, we where happy to try the restaurant breakfast, as people who can appreciate the Jordanian food and they are also happy about that thing that the owner keep the place as Jordanian and did not mixed with other Arabic country foods.

Total we payed for 2 person: 43 Dirhams

Prices are between 5- 25 Dirham, Cash only.

My advise for restaurant it will be to prepare his own Jordanian bread. For this type of small mostly breakfast or dinner restaurant I give an 8.0

place style, 

taste look and serving way of falafel, 

place in a hidden corner of JLT,

All pictures have been taken by me unless mentioned otherwise. Please note that this post is not a sponsored post and the opinions and views stated here are my own and are independent. 



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