Sunday, June 30, 2013

Spicy red cheese or Körözött

Perfect food what you can consume for breakfast, lunch, dinner, sandwich or even for appetizer, starter.
It is part of regional cuisine of Hungary, Slovakia, Austria, Serbia, Croatia and a region from Italy. Some recipes involve mustard, Worcestershire sauce or capers.
Can be made of any soft cheeses: Cottage cheese, curd cheese, cream cheese mix with Feta cheese, soft goat or sheep cheese are all suitable for this purpose.

0,5 kg curd cheese, Farmer cheese, Fresh cheese, Feta cheese mix whit cream cheese
1 onion (if you like onion you can add more)
20 gram unsalted butter (I used yogurt, becouse I didn`t have at home butter)
2 tsp salt after tasting
1 tsp Carawey seed or grounded
Red Hungarian paprika

1. Chopp the onion in food processor or by knife.

2. Mixt the butter or yogurt with the cheese.

3.Blend the onion and cheese mix together and add the rest of the condiments, seasoning and blend it well.