Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Fruit Smoothies and Blends

   There are many options for what to drink, but drinks that are loaded with sugar are the worst choice. Many parents offer juice as a supposedly healthy alternative to sodas, fruit juices are extremely high in sugar and low in other essential nutrients like fiber, when compared to whole fruit. Drinking juice is a very efficient way to consume more fruits and vegetables. A healthy smoothie can be a healthy breakfast.

   It is the time to make for your child a blend or smooth, if he don`t like fruits or if he don`t want to drink the juice made at home than you should put the smooth, juice or blend in one of his-her favorite mug (Spider-Man, Princess, Pokemon..) My nice answer for why she don`t eat carrots was : Have you see Princess eating carrots? We make for her a blend from orange , carrot and strawberry and serve it in her favorite Princess mug.

   Try as many combinations as possible, whit many fruits as possible, the possibilities are endless: mango, strawberry, melon, pear, apple, orange, carrot, blackcurrant, pineapple,mandarin, grapes...

1. Do not forget to wash good the fruits or vegetables before using them.

2. Remove seeds, pits, stems or any other non-edible parts of the fruit.
3. Cut the fruit into chunks, using small fruits such as berries, you don't have to cut them.
4. Add sparkling or tap water, soy or almond or dairy.
5. Add ground ginger, cinnamon or cloves after taste.
6. You can use frozen fruits, put them in small yogurt box and  leave them in the fridge for a few hours you will have natural fruit-ice for children's.


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