Thursday, January 1, 2015

The Biryani Works (Review and Rating 9.0)

       Since we have moved in Dubai , I am looking for a place what serve tasty, juicy and mild biryani. You can eat different types, Indian, Arabic, vegetarian and almost every restaurant has his own secret recipe, but where will you find one who will be after your taste? I will tell you, this will be in JLT Cluster Q.

       I was in mood to walk, so I went to buy take away. It is a new restaurant here in JLT, opened a few months ago, I recall they opened on 1Th of October, but not sure. So how I was hungry and this place is close to our home I said to give a try, and I must say I made a good choice.

       The place inside is very little, they have only 2 tables, but after the owner say this is not problem, because customers can take it (and they do it) take away and eat outside the restaurant on the bank in the park, or on a blanket on the grass front of the restaurant. I know is strange what you are riding, but if you see the place location you will know what I meant to write. Is a sourt of street food, what is big hit now in Est Europe. The paper food box is an amazing idea, a new serving type for a famous dish.

       The place now is like a flower bud, need time to grow and with time I am sure they will grow bigger and bigger, not only because they delicious food, also because thei make a good marketing, they make you to see in different angle the only one negative thing what they have, the small place.

      If this is your first time for biryani, than you won`t be lost here, they will explain you with details every dish, oh have I told you that their meat do not contain bones? This is a good idea especial for people who don`t want their hand to be with food or for childrens.
      Your biryani will be served with a little salad , yogurt and some dressing for salad. The price are between 24-28 Dirham for biryani, what included the salad also.

       I ordered a chicken tikka and a chicken chunks was well done marinated, were juicy and tender and went good with their mild spicy rice, oh their rice is so good. The rice grains were fluffy, easily separable, and not greasy. 

      Biryani comes with egg which most of the restaurants don`t 
do.This restaurant in Dubai will be my choice, for those who starve for spicy food in JLT. 

I suggest for them bigger space, this is why I give them a 9.0

food, price, hospitality

Not like
maybe they can add a bit more meat in chicken tikka

All pictures have been taken by me unless mentioned otherwise. Please note that this post is not a sponsored post and the subject, story, opinions and views stated here are my own and are independent. 

Updates: Since my last order from the restaurant I read that they made some changes in their menu and recipes. 


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