Thursday, October 17, 2013

Cappuccino cream


60 gr cappuccino powder, 30 gr flour, 1 tablespoon corn flour, 120 gr sugar, 500 ml milk
200 gr unsalted room temperature butter, 160 gr icing sugar
In a pot mix the cappuccino powder, flour sugar and corn flour, gradually pour the milk into the pot and whisk it well. On a low heat cook the mixture, stirring continually. When you get a thick cream turn off the heat and let it to cool.
Mix the butter with the icing sugar until foamy and gradually add the cold cream.

250 ml whipping cream, 1 pack whip cream stabilizer (10 gr), 10 gr vanilla powder, 5 tablespoon cappuccino powder
Beat together the whipping cream with vanilla powder, cappuccino powder and cream stabilizer. Add sugar to taste.

500 ml whipped cream, 5 tablespoon cappuccino, 1 teaspoon coffee, 4 tablespoon icing sugar, 3 tablespoon brandy.
Beat the whipped cream , gradually add the cappuccino, coffee, sugar and brandy. Mix it.

800 ml milk, 5 tablespoon flour, 5 tablespoon sugar, 100 gr cappuccino powder, 500 ml whipped cream, 25 gr gelatin
Mix the flour, cappuccino and sugar, gradually pour 650 ml milk and whisk it. On a low heat cook the mixture until become thick cream, stirring continually. Let it to cool.
Beat the whipped cream. Mix the gelatin with 150 milk and gradually add to the whipped cream.
Mix together the two mixtures.



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