Sunday, December 1, 2013

Chicken in paprika sour cream (Chicken paprikas)

This is a quick recipe, what you can make in 30 minutes,for dinner or lunch it will be just perfect. 
You can use yogurt instead of sour cream to fit in your diet program. I used smoked paprika,this is the reason why my sauce is a little brown and not red.


4 chicken drumsticks (or 2 legs and 2 wings)
1 big onion
1 big tomato
150 gr sour cream or 200 gr plain yogurt
1 tablespoon corn starch or flour
1 teaspoon salt
3 teaspoon paprika
half teaspoon ground black pepper
2 bay leafs
2 smashed garlic
1 cube chicken stock

1.Clean the chicken drumsticks and salt them. Cut the onion into little pieces and fry it in 2 tablespoon cooking oil until soft. Add the ground black pepper and 2 teaspoon paprika to the onion, stir it well, add 100 ml water and cook it for 1 minute on low fire. Add the chicken drumsticks. 

2. Cut the tomato in cubes and add to the chicken, add the bay leafs and garlic, cover the pot with a lid and on medium fire cook for 10 minutes.

3. Pour water in the pot (until the chicken is covered) add the chicken stock and salt, cover the pot and cook 15 minutes on medium fire.

4. Mix the sour cream with corn starch, add the paprika, add 2 tablespoon hot sauce from the pot, mix it well and pour on the chicken. On a medium fire cook for 3-5 minutes more.
Serve with pasta , rice or smashed potato.



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