Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Mustard restaurant JLT (Cluster Q)

        I must say this is a new hidden gems here in JLT. A restaurant , what is bringing the American fast food Hot Dog, in a new coat.

  • The restaurant has some table outside decorated in a super cozy way.
  • The waitress are very friendly and helpfull.
  • Go there if you are hungry, the hot dogs are big.
  • They have signature hot dog or you can combine the ingredients after your taste.
  • You can choose the bread from: white, sesame or brown.
  • The sausage is 100% beef.
  • They have kids menu

  • I did not find any special in their fries.
  • We had ordered 1 dressed up hot dog (from the photo is that with cucumber) and one Mustard.
  • The hot dogs was good, but now wauu.

We paid for 2 hot dogs, 1 Pepsi, 1 sweet potato fries 80Dirham.



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