Thursday, March 3, 2016

Paleo lunch 

      When you are following a dairy or flour free diet or life style, the lunch box make you hard days. 
      I don`t know how are you with this, but I am packing lunch to my husband almost every day. So I thought to give you some tips what you can pop in lunch box.

1. Fried chicken, seasoned with garam masala, served with salad. Salad :chopped fresh parsley, cucumber, horseradish and tomato.

2. Egg rolls with meat and fried mushroom filling. Egg rolls, tortila recipe.

4. Bolognese sauce (minced meat in tomato sauce) served with smashed cauliflower and fried aubergine.

5. Dessert, sweet strawberry stuffed cauliflower balls.  Strawberry paleo balls.



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