Friday, August 2, 2013

Breaded chicken breast

This recipe you can make from turkey, chicken or pork. 
Breaded veal cutlets are also known as Wiener Schnitzel. Wiener Schnitzel is thin, crispy and light just like Hungarian breaded chicken or ``rántott hús``. Some Hungarians or even Romanians beat the egg with a little beer, in this way the crust will be more bigger and more light. 


400 gr chicken breast
150 gr bread crumbs
2 egg + 30 ml milk
1 tspn salt
oil for deep frying (2 dl)

1. Cut the chicken breast in thin slices.

2. Beat the egg with milk and salt.

3. Pour the oil in a heavy pot and put on medium heat.

4. One by one dip the meat in the breadcrumbs after than in the egg mixture and drop in the hot oil. (The oil is hot enough when bubbles form around the chicken)

5. Fry the meat to golden crisp. Do not cover the pot.

6. Drain the meat on paper towels.