Tuesday, December 31, 2013

German apple strudel

        To make the "crust: for this goodies it need time and lot of energy. Yep is not easy at all. The phyllo pastry is making our life more easy, from this you will get a delicious grandma dessert. It can be baked and prepared very easy even for a beginner housewife.


1 box phyllo pastry (250 gram)
5 apple
1 teaspoon Stevia
4 tablespoon ground walnuts
2 tablespoon bread crumbs or almond powder
1/2 teaspoon cinnamon
1/2 teaspoon ground ginger
half lemon juice
100 gr melted butter
1 tablespoon yogurt
icing sugar

1. Peel and grate the apple, add the Stevia, ginger, cinnamon, lemon juice, walnuts and bread crumbs. Mix it well and let it aside for a few minutes or overnight in the fridge.

2. On a waxed paper or wet kitchen towels, lay out the first layer of phyllo dough. Using brush, gently brush the entire sheet of dough with butter. Repeat another 4 times.

3. Using a spoon, add a row of the apple filling an inch from the bottom of the dough. Do not over stuff or the strudel will burst when baking. Use the wet towel to roll it up same as a jelly roll, as you roll fold the sides inward to form sealed edges. End with the seam-side down.

4. Mix the yogurt and melted butter and brush the top and sides.

5. Bake on 180 C for 20-35 minutes, until is golden brown.

6. Sprinkle the top with icing sugar after become lukewarm.



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