Friday, September 19, 2014

Chicken breast in bacon

This recipe is not only easy to make, is also very very tasty. It can be perfect for lunch or dinner, even people who suffer from diabetes or are following diet can enjoy it.
I had use beef bacon, but you can try from pork if you wish. Beef bacon is very well know in Muslim countries, and I must say it is very delicious.

Chicken breast- half
5 Bacon slice
1 teaspoon Indian chicken mix (garlic, ginger, black pepper, chilly -powder, but you can add any spice you want)
1 red capiscum sliced
olive oil

1. Slice the chicken breast in diagonally in 4-5 slices. Sprinkle the spice mix on them and let it aside.

2. Place the capiscum on the chicken on the spice side, fold the meat in two and cover with a bacon.

3. Pop the bacon covered meat in oil and fry them until is ready. (all your kitchen will have a delicious bacon fry smell :-) )

4. Serve with boiled broccoli, salad or rice for diabetes people.



  1. yummmyyyyy....... It looks so delicious....Thanks for sharing it :)

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  3. Hi Folks!!

    The above recipe of Chicken Breast in Bacon is an amazing tested and tasted recipe. I am a foodie and not all food item appeals to me.. But dis one was exceptional I would say. Thank you tasty but easy recipes to come out with such an amazing dish.. My family just loved it and finished it before I could take a picture.. Another one recipe which I found interesting recently was the Arabic Stew recipe .. My family likes it a lot that we make it on all weekends.. So do try this out too.

    1. thank u for reading and preparing it, it is one of my favorite quick dinner. Sure i will try that recipe what u had suggested me.